Which National Flag Has the Most Colours

Belize’s national flag has the most colors. The flag of Belize was adopted on 21 September 1981 with 12 colors. At the center of the flag has a white disc which is considered the national coat of arms held by a mestizo and a man of African descent.

Flag of Belize
National Flag of Belize with 12 Colors

Fun Facts About the Colorful Flag of Belize

  • Humans depicted is the main design element on the flag of Belize which is the only country in the world.
  • The national flag of Belize incorporates 12 different colors and shades, making it the most colorful national flag in the world.
  • The colors on the flag are respectively those of the country’s national parties.
  • Red stripes represent the color of the opposition party.
  • The 50 leaves is considered 1950, the year the People’s United Party(PUP) came to power.

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