Which Burger Is Bigger At CookOut?

If you’ve ever been to CookOut, you know they have some of the best burgers in the world. But, which one is bigger? CookOut is a restaurant chain that serves burgers and other food items. But how do you know which burger is bigger? And which is smaller? In this article, we’ll be comparing two burgers that are popular at CookOut, so you can get a better understanding of which one is bigger or smaller.

Which burger is bigger?

A regular burger of CookOut is thicker and has an ingle patty compared to a big double.  This is two small (thinner) patties stacked upon one another. If you want two regular patties, get a huge burger – but they charge 2x for cheese.

In brief, if you want a big burger, you have to pay more for it. A regular burger has a bigger portion size than a big double because it has more than one small patty. But if you want a bigger portion, then get a big burger. Another way to think about it is that a regular burger has a smaller patty size compared to a big double. So, a regular burger has a larger portion size. 

What is CookOut style burger?

Cookout Style burgers are made from a blend of beef chuck or short rib meat mixed with ground oats for extra texture in the patty. The patties are first formed into triangles then placed onto a flat grill to form that signature cross-hatched pattern before cooking it all the way through over an open flame until crispy browned outside but still juicy inside.

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