National Flag of Zimbabwe

National Flag of Zimbabwe was adopted on April 18, 1980. Flight Lieutenant Cedric Herbert of the Rhodesian Air Force and a member of the Rhodesian Heraldry and Genealogy Society designed this Zimbabwe’s national flag.

Technical Specifications of Zimbabwe’s Flag:

  • Adopted: April 18, 1980
  • Proportion: 1:2
  • Designer: Cedric Herbert
  • Design: Two Green, two gold, two red and one black horizontal stripes. A black-bordered white triangle with five-pointed red star behind a gold Zimbabwe bird
  • Colors: PMS – Green: 355, Yellow: 102, Red:032

What do the Colours of the Zimbabwe’s flag stand for?

  • Green: represents Country’s vegetation and land resources.
  • Yellow: represents the country’s mineral wealth.
  • Red: represents the blood spilt during the liberation struggle.
  • Black: represents the black majority.
  • The Zimbabwe Bird: is the National Emblem of Zimbabwe.
  • The white triangle: stands for peace and the “way forward”.
  • The Red Star: stands for internationalism

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