National Flag of Vanuatu

National Flag of Vanuatu was adopted on February 18, 1980. Kalontas Malon designed this Vanuatu’s national flag.

Technical Specifications of Vanuatu’s Flag:

  • Adopted: February 18, 1980
  • Proportion: 19:36
  • Designer: Kalontas Malon
  • Design: flag of Vanuatu. National flag consisting of horizontal stripes of red and green separated by a black hoist triangle and a horizontal yellow Y-shape.

What do the Colours of the Vanuatu’s flag stand for?

  • Yellow: symbolizes sunshine [peace and enlightenment brought by Christianity, fide Talocci.
  • Green: the richness of the islands [all the islands of the archipelago, fide Talocci.
  • Red: is symbolic of blood [blood of sacrificed boars, power of traditions, and men’s blood, fide Talocci.
  • Black: is for the Melanesian people [not explained by Talocci.

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