National Flag of Uzbekistan

National Flag of Uzbekistan was adopted on 18TH November 1991. Uzbek artist Anatoly Kuzmich Osheyko designed this Uzbekistan’s national flag.

Technical Specifications of Uzbekistan’s Flag:

  • Adopted: 18TH November 1991
  • Proportion: 1:2
  • Designer: Uzbek artist Anatoly Kuzmich Osheyko
  • Design: A blue-white-green horizontal tricolour split by two red stripes and featuring a white crescent moon and twelve five-pointed blue stars.
  • Colors: PMS- Blue: 313C, Green: 361C

What do the Colours of the Uzbekistan’s flag stand for?

  • Blue: is representative of water and sky.
  • White: represents peace; green represents the fertile land.
  • Red: stripes are symbolic of the people.
  • Green: color on the banner is the color of nature.

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