National Flag of Ukraine

Flag of Ukraine

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National Flag of Ukraine was adopted on January 28, 1992. Moskalenko raised designed this Ukraine’s national flag.

Technical Specifications of Ukraine’s Flag:

  • Adopted: January 28, 1992
  • Proportion: 2:3
  • Designer: Moskalenko raised
  • Design: A sky blue and yellow bicolour
  • Colors: PMS – Blue: 2935, Yellow: 012C
  • CMYK– Blue: 100% Cyan, 47% Magenta;, Yellow: 4% Magenta, 100% Yellow.

What do the Colours of the Ukraine’s flag stand for?

  • Blue: is designed to represent peace, as well as the sky above the nation and the streams found throughout the country.
  • Yellow: is a symbol of prosperity and also represents the many wheat fields found throughout the nations.

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