National Flag of Uganda

Flag of Uganda

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National Flag of Uganda was adopted on October 9, 1962. Grace Ibingira designed this Uganda’s national flag.

Technical Specifications of Uganda’s Flag:

  • Adopted: January 28, 1992
  • Proportion: 2:3
  • Designer: Grace Ibingira
  • Design: Six black-yellow-red-black bands with a white circle with grey crowned crane in the centre.
  • Colors: PMS- Yellow: 116, Red: 186, Grey: 430

What do the Colours of the Uganda’s flag stand for?

  • Black: symbolizes our African heritage and the fertile soil of Uganda.
  • Yellow: is for the glorious sunny days, so characteristic of Uganda.
  • Red: symbolizes the red blood that runs in our veins, forming a common bond to all humankind.

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