National Flag of Turkey

Flag of Turkey

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National Flag of Turkey was adopted on 1844. al bayrak designed this Turkey’s national flag.

Technical Specifications of Turkey’s Flag:

  • Adopted: 1844
  • Proportion: 2:3
  • Designer: al bayrak
  • Design: An off centre white crescent with five-pointed star on a red field
  • Colors: PMS – Red: 186 C, CMYK – Red: 0% Cyan, 90% Magenta, 80% Yellow, 5% Black

What do the Colours of the Turkey’s flag stand for?

  • Red: with a vertical white crescent (the closed portion is toward the hoist side)
  • White: five-pointed star centered just outside the crescent opening
  • According: to Ancient and Heraldic traditions much symbolism is associated with colors. The colors on the Turkish flag represent the following:
  • White: peace and honesty

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