National Flag of Togo

National Flag of Togo was adopted on April 28, 1960.Paul Ahyi designed this Togo’s national flag.

Technical Specifications of Togo’s Flag:

  • Adopted: November 4, 1875
  • Proportion: 1:1.618
  • Designer: Paul Ahyi
  • Design: Five yellow and green stripes with a red square and white five-pointed star in the top left corner
  • Colors: PMS- Red: 199, Green: 348, Yellow: 137

What do the Colours of the Togo’s flag stand for?

  • Green: is symbolic of the country’s agricultural wealth,
  • Yellow: is symbolic of mineral wealth. the five horizontal stripes represent the five regions of Togo.
  • Red: of that field is said to represent the blood shed by countrymen during the internal struggle for independence.

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