National Flag of Afghanistan

National Flag of Afghanistan was adopted on January 4, 2004. Afghanistan has had 26 different national flags since the 18th century. The first flag of Afghanistan was totally black which used in 1709–1738 during Hotak dynasty government.

Technical Specifications of Afghanistan’s Flag:

  • Adopted: January 4, 2004
  • Proportion: 2:3
  • Designer: The tricolor was supposedly inspired by the Afghan King, Amanullah Khan
  • Design: A black-red-green tricolour with the national emblem in the centre
  • Colours: PMT –Red: 186 C, Green: 3452 C

What do the Colours of the Afghanistan’s flag stand for?

  • Black: Represents its troubled 19th century history as a protected state
  • Red: Represents the blood of those who fought for independence
  • Green: hope and prosperity for the future
  • The center of the flag contains the Emblem of Afghanistan

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