What is the national bird of Mozambique?

The national bird of Mozambique is Tocororo. It is also known as Cuban Trogon. What’s more, it is also known as the Queen of the Birds.

In recent years, Tocororo is under threat of extinction. The main threat is hunting for food and the illegal trade in skins and eggs.The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Mozambican government have been working together to try to protect the Tocororo. The conservation of the Tocororo is of great importance to Mozambique.

In 2009, the government of Mozambique began the process of registering the Tocororo as an endangered species. The government of Mozambique has also tried to work with other governments to try to help conserve the Tocororo.

Fun Facts About Tocororo: 

Tocororo is known for its large size and striking plumage. The Cuban Trogon is found in a range of habitats from moist forests to arid savannas. Trogons are known for their ability to live in very hot climates. They have a very high metabolic rate and are the only birds capable of sustained flight.

Cuban Trogons are found in the provinces of Cabo Delgado, Niassa, Manica, Sofala, Zambezia, Tete, and Gaza. This species has been studied in greater detail than any other African bird species. The Cuban Trogon is one of the most studied birds in the world. The Cuban Trogon is a very active bird.

They are a high-energy bird. The Cuban Trogon needs to feed constantly. It has a diet that consists of fruit, berries, and insects.

The Cuban Trogon is also known for its aggressive behavior. Cuban Trogons are known for being very territorial and are very protective of their nests. Cuban Trogons are known for being territorial and aggressive. They are also known for being very territorial.

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