Myanmar Facts and History

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Flag of Myanmar
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Interesting facts about Myanmar

  • Official Name: Pyihtaungsu Thamada Myanmar Naingngandaw (Republic of the Union of Myanmar)1
  • Form of Government: military regime2
  • President: Myint Swe (acting)2
  • Prime Minister: Thein Sein
  • GDP: 76.09 billion USD (2019)
  • Capital: Naypyitaw
  • Population: 54.05 million (2019)
  • Official Languages: Burmese
  • Currency: Myanmar kyat
  • Timezone: GMT+6:30
  • Area: 676,575 km²
  • Dialing Code: +95
  • Major Mountain Ranges: Arakan Yoma
  • Major Rivers: Nāf River 
  • Continent: Asia
  • Border Countries: The country is bordered by China to the north and northeast, Laos to the east, Thailand to the southeast, the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal to the south and southwest, Bangladesh to the west, and India to the northwest.

Map of Myanmar

National Symbols of Myanmar

  • National Bird: grey peacock-pheasant
  • National Anthem: “Kaba Ma Kyei”
  • National Animal: Bengal tiger
  • National Flower: padauk
  • National Poet: Min Thu Wun
  • National Game: Chinlone