What Is The Last Word In The Dictionary?

Zyzzyva is the last word of the American Heritage Dictionary. That is why Zyzzyva’s slogan is “The last word.” Zyzzyva is also the last animal in the dictionary.

On the other hand, Zyzzyva is an American weevil or small beetle. It is often found in the association of palms. The yellowish weevil is an ant. Thomas Lincoln Casey was the first to discover it in 1922 in Brazil.

An entomologist of New York’s Museum of Natural History said that there was no Latin or Brazilian name associated with a weevil. He thought that Zyzzyva was probably named after a joke to place it in a prominent ending position in many guides and manuals.

Thomas Casey describes Zyzzyva achreotecta in his book memoirs on the Coleoptera, Volume 10. He collected only one specimen.

Resource: USA Today

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