India Facts and History

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Flag of India
National Flag of India

Interesting facts about India

  • Official Name: Bharat
  • Form of Government: Republic of India
  • President: Ram Nath Kovind
  • Prime Minister: Narendra Modi (Since 2014)
  • GDP: 2.869 trillion USD (2019)
  • Capital: New Delhi
  • Population: 1.366 billion (2019)
  • Official Languages: Hindi
  • Currency: Indian rupee
  • Timezone: GMT+5:30
  • Area: 3.287 million km²
  • Dialing Code: +91
  • Major Mountain Ranges: The Himalaya Range,The Himalaya Range,Purvanchal Range,The Aravalli Range
  • Major Rivers: Luni,Sabarmati,Sahibi,Dohan
  • Continent: Asia
  • Border Countries: Those long borders are shared with seven countries — China, Pakistan, Bhutan, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Map of India

National Symbols of India

  • National Bird: Indian peacock
  • National Anthem: “Jana Gana Mana”
  • National Animal: tiger
  • National Flower: Dryas octopetala
  • National Tree: Ficus bengalensis
  • National Poet: Rabindranath Tagore, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar
  • National Game: Field Hockey
  • National Mountain: Nanda Devi