List of All Pakistan Newspapers and Online News Sites

We’ve created a complete list of all Pakistan newspapers, news agencies, magazines and news sites. You can read sports news, politics news, history, health, jobs news, business news, village news, health and many more news in one place. To read newspapers online, click on your favorite newspaper logo.

  • Dawn


  • Express


  • Express Tribune

    Express Tribune

  • Daily Pakistan

    Daily Pakistan

  • The News

    The News

  • Pakistan Today

    Pakistan Today

  • Nation


  • Dunya


  • Ummat


  • Daily Times

    Daily Times

  • Business Recorder

    Business Recorder

  • Pakistan Observer

    Pakistan Observer

  • Friday Times

    Friday Times

  • Regional Times of Sindh

    Regional Times of Sindh

  • Financial Daily

    Financial Daily

  • Frontier Post

    Frontier Post

  • Kashmir Media Service

    Kashmir Media Service

  • Pakistan Tribune

    Pakistan Tribune

  • Pak Tribune

    Pak Tribune

  • Pakistan & Gulf Economist

    Pakistan & Gulf Economist

  • Pakistan Christian Post

    Pakistan Christian Post

  • The Patriot

    The Patriot

  • Ibrat


  • Awami Awaz

    Awami Awaz

  • Kawish


  • Baakhabar


  • Chitral Times

    Chitral Times

  • Nada  Khalq  Haripur

    Nada Khalq Haripur

  • Taqat (Lahore)

    Taqat (Lahore)

  • Saltanat (Gujranwala)

    Saltanat (Gujranwala)

  • Aman (Faisalabad)

    Aman (Faisalabad)

  • Lahore Times

    Lahore Times

  • Abtak (Lahore)

    Abtak (Lahore)

  • Azm (Lahore)

    Azm (Lahore)

  • Pindi Post (Rawalpindi)

    Pindi Post (Rawalpindi)

  • Dhudial News (Chakwal)

    Dhudial News (Chakwal)

  • Sarzameen


  • Aflak news

    Aflak news

  • Jinnah (Islamabad)

    Jinnah (Islamabad)

  • Daily Akhbar e Khyber

    Daily Akhbar e Khyber

  • NHT (National Herald Tribune)

    NHT (National Herald Tribune)

  • Sarwan (Karachi)

    Sarwan (Karachi)

  • Waka (Karachi)

    Waka (Karachi)

  • Daily Pak (Karachi)

    Daily Pak (Karachi)

  • Adalat


  • Domel (Muzaffarabad)

    Domel (Muzaffarabad)

  • Dharti (Rawalakot)

    Dharti (Rawalakot)

  • Siasat


  • Subheno


  • Shamal


  • Kashmir Post

    Kashmir Post

  • Online Indus

    Online Indus

  • Lahore Dispatch

    Lahore Dispatch

  • BOL News

    BOL News

  • Hamariweb com

    Hamariweb com

  • Pakistan news from Al Jazeera

    Pakistan news from Al Jazeera

  • Associated Press Of Pakistan

    Associated Press Of Pakistan

  • Press Council of Pakistan

    Press Council of Pakistan

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