List of All Irish Newspapers and Online News Sites

We’ve created a complete list of all Irish newspapers, news agencies, magazines and news sites. You can read sports news, politics news, history, health, jobs news, business news, village news, health and many more news in one place. To read newspapers online, click on your favorite newspaper logo.

  • Irish Independent

    Irish Independent

  • Irish Times

    Irish Times

  • Irish Sun

    Irish Sun

  • Examiner


  • Evening Herald

    Evening Herald

  • An Phoblacht

    An Phoblacht

  • Sunday Business Post

    Sunday Business Post

  • Athlone Advertiser

    Athlone Advertiser

  • Evening Echo

    Evening Echo

  • Avondhu


  • Irish Echo

    Irish Echo

  • Ballymena Times

    Ballymena Times

  • Sunday World

    Sunday World

  • Clare Champion

    Clare Champion

  • Connaught Telegraph

    Connaught Telegraph

  • Cork Independent

    Cork Independent

  • Derry People and Donegal News

    Derry People and Donegal News

  • Dublin News

    Dublin News

  • Carlow Nationalist

    Carlow Nationalist

  • Fermanagh Herald

    Fermanagh Herald

  • Anglo-Celt


  • Galway Advertiser

    Galway Advertiser

  • Impartial Reporter

    Impartial Reporter

  • Irish News

    Irish News

  • Irish Voice Online

    Irish Voice Online

  • Irish World

    Irish World

  • Limerick Leader

    Limerick Leader

  • Munster Express

    Munster Express

  • Republican News

    Republican News

  • Scotsman


  • Saoirse


  • Corkman


  • Donegal Democrat

    Donegal Democrat

  • Finn Valley Voice

    Finn Valley Voice

  • Inishowen Independent

    Inishowen Independent

  • College View

    College View

  • Southern Star

    Southern Star

  • Connacht Sentinel

    Connacht Sentinel

  • Meath Chronicle

    Meath Chronicle

  • Offaly Express

    Offaly Express

  • Marine Times

    Marine Times

  • lietuvis


  • Tuam Herald

    Tuam Herald

  • Leinster Leader

    Leinster Leader

  • Kilkenny People

    Kilkenny People

  • Leitrim Observer

    Leitrim Observer

  • Western People

    Western People

  • Waterford News and Star

    Waterford News and Star

  • Guardian



  • ‎


  • Le Petit Journal

    Le Petit Journal

  • Irish Post

    Irish Post

  • ‎Donegal daily

    ‎Donegal daily

  • ‎Tipperary Star

    ‎Tipperary Star

  • Longford Leader

    Longford Leader

  • ‎Limerick Post

    ‎Limerick Post

  • Leinster Express

    Leinster Express

  • Rebel News‎

    Rebel News‎


  • Mayo News‎

    Mayo News‎

  • ‎Westmeath Examiner

    ‎Westmeath Examiner

  • Westmeath Independent

    Westmeath Independent

  • Killarney Today‎

    Killarney Today‎

  • Offaly Independent

    Offaly Independent

  • Laois Nationalist‎

    Laois Nationalist‎

  • Tullamore Tribune‎

    Tullamore Tribune‎

  • Irish Independent

    Irish Independent

  • Kerry's Eye

    Kerry’s Eye

  • Roscommon Herald

    Roscommon Herald

  • ‎Sligo Weekender

    ‎Sligo Weekender

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