List of All Belarusian newspapers and Online News Sites

We’ve created a complete list of all Belarusian newspapers, news agencies, magazines and news sites. You can read sports news, politics news, history, health, jobs news, business news, village news, health and many more news in one place. To read newspapers online, click on your favorite newspaper logo.

  • Naša Niva

    Naša Niva

  • Novy Chas

    Novy Chas

  • Narodnya Naviny Vitsebska

    Narodnya Naviny Vitsebska

  • Svaboda‎


  • Vo Slavu Rodiny

    Vo Slavu Rodiny

  • BelGazeta


  • Belorusy i rynok

    Belorusy i rynok

  • 7 Dney

    7 Dney

  • Belorusskaya Delovaya Gazeta

    Belorusskaya Delovaya Gazeta

  • Gomelskaya Pravda

    Gomelskaya Pravda

  • Brestskiy Kurier

    Brestskiy Kurier

  • Dnyaprovets


  • Minskiy Kurier

    Minskiy Kurier

  • Minskiy Kurier

    Minskiy Kurier

  • Narodnaya Volya

    Narodnaya Volya

  • Vecherny Brest

    Vecherny Brest

  • Vecherny Grodno

    Vecherny Grodno

  • Gazeta Slonimskaya

    Gazeta Slonimskaya

  • Argumenty i Fakty

    Argumenty i Fakty

  • Argumenty i Fakty

    Argumenty i Fakty

  • Ekonomicheskaya Gazeta

    Ekonomicheskaya Gazeta

  • Ekspress Novosti

    Ekspress Novosti

  • Brestskaya Gazeta

    Brestskaya Gazeta

  • Zarya


  • Brestskii Kaleidoskop

    Brestskii Kaleidoskop


  • UDF


  • EJ‎


  • Belaruski Chas

    Belaruski Chas

  • Infa Kurer‎

    Infa Kurer‎

  • Belapan - English Edition

    Belapan – English Edition

  • Belarus Today

    Belarus Today

  • Belarusian Telegraph Agency

    Belarusian Telegraph Agency

  • Belapan


  • BPC


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