Montana State Facts and History

Discover the wonders of Montana! You will get a wealth information of the state of Montana

state flag of Montana

Montana Quick Facts

  • Current Governor: Steve Bullock (Democrat)
  • Capital: Juneau
  • Population: 1,068,778 (2019 est.)
  • Land Area: 145,545.80 sq km
  • Water Area: 1,493.91 sq km
  • Total Area: 147,039.71 SQ KM
  • Width: 630 mi (1,015 km)
  • Length: 255 mi (410 km)
  • State Motto: “Oro y Plata (Gold and Silver)”
  • Nickname: Treasure State
  • Electoral votes: 3
  • Seats in U.S. House of Representatives: 1 (of 435)
  • State Song: “Montana”
  • Date of Statehood: Nov. 8, 1889
  • Time Zone: Mountain (GMT − 7 hours)
  • Official Website of Alabama:
  • State abbreviation/Postal code: MT
  • Origin of name: The name Montana comes from the Spanish word montaña, which in turn comes from the Latin word montanea, meaning “mountain”, or more broadly, “mountainous country”.

State Symbol of Montana

State BalladMontana Melody
State BirdWestern meadowlark
State ButterflyMourning cloak
State FishWestslope cutthroat trout
State FlowerBitterroot
State FossilDuck-billed dinosaur
State GemSapphire and agate
State GrassBluebunch wheatgrass
State MammalGrizzly bear
State MottoOro y plata (Gold and silver)
State NicknameTreasure State
State SongMontana
State TreePonderosa pine

College & Universities

Academy of Cosmetology Inc
Academy of Nail Skin and Hair
Alamon Telco-Alamon Telephone Training Center
Benefis Healthcare School of Radiologic Technology
Blackfeet Community College
Butte Academy of Beauty Culture
Carroll College
Chief Dull Knife College
College of Coiffure Art Ltd
Dahls College of Beauty
Dawson Community College
Flathead Valley Community College
Fort Belknap College
Fort Peck Community College
Health Works Institute
Little Big Horn College
Miles Community College
Modern Beauty School Inc
Montana State University
Montana State University-Billings
Montana State University-Billings-College of Technology
Montana State University-Great Falls College of Technology
Montana State University-Northern
Montana Tech of the University of Montana
Montana Tech-College of Technology
Montana University System-System Office
Rocky Mountain College
Salish Kootenai College
Stone Child College
The University of Montana
The University of Montana-Western
University of Great Falls
University of Montana-Helena College of Technology
Yellowstone Baptist College

Popular Tourist Attractions

  1. Glacier National Park
  2. Flathead Lake
  3. Big Sky Resort
  4. Going-to-the-Sun Road
  5. Yellowstone Club
  6. Lake McDonald
  7. Museum of the Rockies
  8. Whitefish Mountain Resort
  9. Beartooth Highway
  10. Glacier Park Lodge
  11. Little Bighorn Battlefield
  12. Red Lodge Mountain
  13. Berkeley Pit
  14. Discovery Ski Area
  15. ZooMontana
  16. Grinnell Glacier
  17. Logan Pass
  18. Montana Snowbowl
  19. Moss Mansion

Famous Natives and Residents

Dorothy Bakerauthor;
Dirk Benedictactor;
W. A. (Tony) Boylelabor union official;
Gary Cooperactor;
John Cowanprospector and founder of Last Chance Gulch (now Helena);
Alfred Bertram GuthriePulitzer Prize–winning author;
Chet HuntleyTV newscaster;
Will Jameswriter and artist;
Dorothy Johnsonauthor;
Evel Knieveldaredevil motorcyclist;
Myrna Loyactress;
David Lynchfilmmaker;
Mike Mansfieldsenator;
George Montgomeryactor;
Jeannette Rankinfirst woman elected to Congress;
Martha Rayeactress;
Charles M. Russellpainter;
Michael Smuinchoreographer;
Lester C. Thuroweconomist and educator.

Famous Actors And Actresses

  1. Gary Cooper
  2. Patrick Duffy
  3. David Lynch

Map of Montana

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