Arizona State Facts and History

Alabama, 30th most extensive by area located in the Southern United States, joined the union in 1819. Yellowhammer State is the nickname of Alabama. But someone says as Cotton State.

Arizona Quick Facts

  • Current Governor: Doug Ducey (Republican)
  • Capital: Phoenix
  • Population: 7.279 million (2019 est.)
  • Residents: Alaskan
  • Land Area: 294,207 km²
  • Water Area: 1,026 km²
  • Total Area: 295,234 km²
  • Width: 400 mi (645 km)
  • Length: 310 mi (500 km)
  • State Motto: Ditat Deus
  • Nickname: Grand Canyon State
  • Electoral votes: 3
  • Seats in U.S. House of Representatives: 1 (of 435)
  • State Song: “The Arizona March Song”
  • Date of Statehood: February 14, 1912
  • Time Zone: Alaskan (GMT − 9 hours)
  • Official Website of Arizona:
  • State abbreviation/Postal code: AK,85018
  • Origin of name: Derived from the O’odham name alĭ ṣonak, meaning “small spring”

Arizona State Slogan

The official state slogan of Arizona:

The Grand Canyon State” – 

This Arizona state slogan is from the official Arizona travel and vacation guide from the Arizona

State Symbol of Arizona

Flag of Arizona
Flag of Arizona
State of Tree Alaska
State Tree – Blue Palo Verde
State of Butterfly Arizona
State Butterfly – Two tailed Swallowtail
State Seal of Arizona
State Seal of Arizona
State Fish – Apache Trout
State of Dog Arizona
State Dog – Chihuahua
State of Flower Alaska
State Flower – Saguaro
State of Bird Arizona
State Bird – Cactus Wren
State of Food Arizona
State Food – Chimichangas

Map of Arizona

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