Tajikistan Facts and History

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Flag of Tajikistan
National Flag of Tajikistan

Interesting facts about Tajikistan

  • Official Name: Jumhurii Tojikiston (Republic of Tajikistan)
  • Form of Government: republic with two legislative houses (National Assembly [341]; Assembly of Representatives [63])
  • President: Emomali Rahmon
  • Prime Minister: Kokhir Rasulzoda
  • GDP: 40.41 billion USD (2007)
  • Capital: Dushanbe
  • Population: 9.321 million (2019)
  • Official Languages: Tajiki
  • Currency: Tajikistani somoni
  • Timezone: GMT+5
  • Area: 143,100 km²
  • Dialing Code: +992
  • Major Mountain Ranges: Zeravshan,Gissar,Alay
  • Major Rivers: Amu Darya,Kafirnigan
  • Continent: Asia
  • Border Countries: Tajikistan, officially Republic of Tajikistan, Tajik Tojikiston or Jumhurii Tojikiston, Tajikistan also spelled Tadzhikistan, country lying in the heart of Central Asia. It is bordered by Kyrgyzstan on the north, China on the east, Afghanistan on the south, and Uzbekistan on the west and northwest.

Map of Tajikistan

National Symbols of Tajikistan

  • National Bird: Saker falcon
  • National Anthem: “Surudi Milli”
  • National Animal: Marco Polo Sheep
  • National Flower: Tulip Flowers
  • National Poet: Sadriddin Ayni
  • National Game: football