Switzerland Facts and History

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Flag of Switzerland
National Flag of Switzerland

Interesting facts about Switzerland

  • Official Name: Swiss Confederation
  • Form of Government: federal state with two legislative houses (Council of States [46]; National Council [200])
  • President: Guy Parmelin
  • Prime Minister: Ueli Maurer
  • GDP: 703.1 billion USD (2019)
  • Capital: Bern
  • Population: 8.545 million (2019)
  • Official Languages: German, French
  • Currency: Swiss franc
  • Timezone: GMT+2
  • Area: 41,285 km²
  • Dialing Code: +41
  • Major Mountain Ranges: Appenzell Alps‎,Swiss Alps‎,Bernese
  • Major Rivers: Rhine River,Rhone,Aare,Reuss
  • Continent: Europe
  • Border Countries: Switzerland is bordered to the west by France, to the north by Germany, to the east by Austria and Liechtenstein, and to the south by Italy.

Map of Switzerland

National Symbols of Switzerland

  • National Bird: Turaco
  • National Anthem: “Swiss Psalm”
  • National Animal: cow
  • National Flower: Edelweiss
  • National Poet: Gottfried Keller
  • National Game: Shooting