Serbia Facts and History

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National Flag of Serbia

Interesting facts about Serbia

  • Official Name: Republika Srbija1 (Republic of Serbia)
  • Form of Government: republic with one legislative house (National Assembly [250])
  • President: Aleksandar Vučić
  • Prime Minister: Ana Brnabić
  • GDP: 51.48 billion USD (2019)
  • Capital: Belgrade
  • Population: 6.945 million (2019)
  • Official Languages: Serbian
  • Currency: Serbian dinar
  • Timezone: GMT+2
  • Area: 88,361 km²
  • Dialing Code: +381
  • Major Mountain Ranges: Kopaonik,Stara Planina,Mokra Gora,Besna Kobila
  • Major Rivers: The Danube,The Sava river,The Morava river,Palić lake
  • Continent: Europe
  • Border Countries: Serbia adjoins Hungary to the north, Romania and Bulgaria to the east, North Macedonia to the south, and Montenegro to the southwest. Kosovo, which Serbia does not recognize as an independent country, lies to the south as well, along the northeastern border of Albania.

Map of Serbia

National Symbols of Serbia

  • National Bird: Golden eagle
  • National Anthem: “Bože Pravde”
  • National Animal: Wolf
  • National Flower: Lily of the Valley
  • National Poet: Petar II Petrović
  • National Game: Football