National Flag of Turkmenistan

Flag of Turkmenistan

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National Flag of Turkmenistan was adopted on February 19, 1992. Traditional carpet designed this Turkmenistan’s national flag.

Technical Specifications of Turkmenistan’s Flag:

  • Adopted: February 19, 1992
  • Proportion: 2:3
  • Designer: traditional carpet
  • Design: A plain green feed with five stacked carpet guls and a white crescent moon and five five-pointed stars.
  • Colors: PMS- Green: 342C, Red: 187C, Orange: 1375C

What do the Colours of the Turkmenistan’s flag stand for?

  • Green: colour on the flag symbolizes life, the earth, grass pastures, prosperity and peace.
  • Moon: represents a clear sky over the head of happy people.
  • Stars: Five-pointed of white colour are a symbol of the five provinces.

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