National Flag of Eswatini

National Flag of Eswatini was adopted on October 6, 1968.King Sobhuza designed this Eswatini’s national flag.

Technical Specifications of Eswatini’s Flag:

  • Adopted: October 6, 1968
  • Proportion: 2:3
  • Designer: King Sobhuza
  • Design: A horizontal triband of blue (top and bottom) and the yellow-edged red (triple width) with the large black and white Nguni shield covering two spears and the staff decorated with the feather tassels called injobo (tassels-bunches of feathers of the widowbird and the lourie) all centered horizontally of the red band.
  • Colours: PMS- Green: 347, Yellow: Process, Red: 032, Blue: 638

What do the Colours of the Eswatini’s flag stand for?


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