Guinea Facts

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Flag of Guinea
National Flag of Guinea

Interesting facts about Guinea

  • Official Name: The Republic of Guinea
  • Form of Government: Presidential republic
  • GDP: 10.91 billion USD (2018)
  • Capital: Conakry
  • Population: 12.41 million (2018)
  • Official Languages: French
  • Currency: Guinean franc
  • Timezone: GMT
  • Area: 245,857 km²
  • Dialing Code: +224
  • Major Rivers: Falémé,Bafing,Bakoy,Kokoro,Gambia
  • Continent: Africa
  • Border Countries: Guinea is bordered by Guinea-Bissau to the northwest, Senegal to the north, Mali to the northeast, Côte d’Ivoire to the southeast, and Liberia and Sierra Leone to the south. The Atlantic Ocean lies to the west.

Map of Guinea

National Symbols of Guinea

  • National Bird: Raggiana bird-of-paradise
  • National Flower: Vernonia Djalonensis
  • National Tree : cotton tree