List of All Philippine Newspapers and Online News Sites

We’ve created a complete list of all Philippine newspapers, news agencies, magazines and news sites. You can read sports news, politics news, history, health, jobs news, business news, village news, health and many more news in one place. To read newspapers online, click on your favorite newspaper logo.

  • Philippine Daily Inquirer

    Philippine Daily Inquirer

  • Manila Bulletin (MB)

    Manila Bulletin (MB)

  • Philippine Star

    Philippine Star

  • Abante


  • Abante Tonite

    Abante Tonite

  • Sun Star

    Sun Star

  • Manila Times

    Manila Times

  • BusinessWorld


  • Business Mirror

    Business Mirror

  • Tribune


  • Manila Standard Today

    Manila Standard Today

  • Bohol Chronicle

    Bohol Chronicle

  • Journal Online

    Journal Online

  • Panay News

    Panay News

  • Visayan Daily Star

    Visayan Daily Star

  • Minda News

    Minda News

  • Baguio Midland Courier

    Baguio Midland Courier

  • Manila Shimbun  in Japanese

    Manila Shimbun in Japanese

  • Tempo


  • Remate


  • Bicol Standard

    Bicol Standard

  • Hataw Tabloid

    Hataw Tabloid

  • Davao Today

    Davao Today

  • Samar News

    Samar News

  • Metrocebu News

    Metrocebu News

  • Negros Chronicle

    Negros Chronicle

  • Mindanao Examiner

    Mindanao Examiner

  • Sunday Punch

    Sunday Punch

  • News Today

    News Today

  • RMN Iloilo

    RMN Iloilo

  • Siongbao


  • Philippines Today

    Philippines Today

  • Pinas (Makati)

    Pinas (Makati)

  • Northern Dispatch Weekly

    Northern Dispatch Weekly

  • Punto (Central Luzon)

    Punto (Central Luzon)

  • Filipino Connection

    Filipino Connection

  • Ilocos Sentinel

    Ilocos Sentinel

  • World News

    World News

  • Pinoy Weekly

    Pinoy Weekly

  • Bikol Peryodiko

    Bikol Peryodiko

  • United News

    United News

  • Ilocos Times

    Ilocos Times

  • Bandera


  • Cebu Daily News

    Cebu Daily News

  • Sun Star Cagayan

    Sun Star Cagayan

  • Sun Star Pampanga

    Sun Star Pampanga



  • GMA News

    GMA News

  • Rappler


  • CNN Philippines

    CNN Philippines

  • Kicker Daily News

    Kicker Daily News

  • Bulatlat


  • Interaksyon


  • Radyo La Verdad‎

    Radyo La Verdad‎

  • Catanduaanes Tribune

    Catanduaanes Tribune

  • ‎Kagay An

    ‎Kagay An

  • Yehey


  • Pinoy


  • ‎My Bataan

    ‎My Bataan

  • Philippine Times Sydney, Australia

    Philippine Times Sydney, Australia

  • Filipino Express Online

    Filipino Express Online

  • Filipino Reporter

    Filipino Reporter

  • Philippine News

    Philippine News

  • Asian Journal San Diego

    Asian Journal San Diego

  • Yahoo News Philippines

    Yahoo News Philippines

  • Google News Philippines

    Google News Philippines

  • Philippines News Agency

    Philippines News Agency

  • Philippine Press Institute

    Philippine Press Institute

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