List of All Nepal Newspapers and Online News Sites

We’ve created a complete list of all Nepali newspapers, news agencies, magazines and news sites. You can read sports news, politics news, history, health, jobs news, business news, village news, health and many more news in one place. To read newspapers online, click on your favorite newspaper logo.

  • Kantipur


  • Annapurna Post

    Annapurna Post

  • Nagarik


  • Kathmandu Post

    Kathmandu Post

  • Naya Patrika

    Naya Patrika

  • Himalayan Times

    Himalayan Times

  • Karobar Economic Daily

    Karobar Economic Daily

  • Gorkhapatra


  • Aarthik Abhiyan

    Aarthik Abhiyan

  • Nepali Times

    Nepali Times

  • Nepal Samacharpatra

    Nepal Samacharpatra

  • Arghakhanchi com

    Arghakhanchi com

  • Sourya Online

    Sourya Online

  • Himalay Darpan

    Himalay Darpan

  • Rising Nepal  Daily newspaper

    Rising Nepal Daily newspaper

  • Rajdhani Daily

    Rajdhani Daily

  • OSnepal


  • News24 Nepal

    News24 Nepal

  • Ratopati


  • Nagarik Network

    Nagarik Network

  • Bigul News

    Bigul News

  • Baahrakhari


  • Lokaantar


  • Hamro Khelkud  Sports news

    Hamro Khelkud Sports news

  • Thaha Khabar

    Thaha Khabar

  • Setopati


  • Nepalkhabar


  • Koshi Online

    Koshi Online

  • hamrakura com

    hamrakura com

  • Online TV Nepal

    Online TV Nepal

  • Artha Sarokar

    Artha Sarokar

  • Nepali Patra

    Nepali Patra

  • Nayapage


  • Nepali Paisa

    Nepali Paisa

  • Nepal Samaya

    Nepal Samaya

  • bizshala com

    bizshala com

  • ujyaaloonline com

    ujyaaloonline com

  • National News Agency  RSS  Nepa

    National News Agency RSS Nepa

  • Pariwartan Khabar

    Pariwartan Khabar

  • himalkhabar com

    himalkhabar com

  • goalnepal com

    goalnepal com

  • Radio Nepal

    Radio Nepal

  • New Business Age

    New Business Age

  • Janakpur Today

    Janakpur Today

  • Majdoor


  • Avenues Khabar

    Avenues Khabar

  • Kathmandu Tribune

    Kathmandu Tribune

  • nepalihimal com

    nepalihimal com

  • Himalini


  • Adarsha Samaj

    Adarsha Samaj

  • Glocal Khabar

    Glocal Khabar

  • People s Review

    People s Review

  • topnepalnews com

    topnepalnews com

  • Samudrapari com

    Samudrapari com

  • Aarthiknews com

    Aarthiknews com

  • Harekpal com

    Harekpal com

  • Nepali headlines

    Nepali headlines

  • ‎Outline News Service

    ‎Outline News Service

  • Radio Sagarmatha

    Radio Sagarmatha

  • BBC Nepali

    BBC Nepali

  • Politics Of Nepal

    Politics Of Nepal

  • Khasokhas Weekly New York

    Khasokhas Weekly New York

  • Nepali Post

    Nepali Post

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